Window Shades

When it comes to selecting a window treatment, window shades can offer the most dramatic change for your home. The simple, stylish, and ease of use can encourage many to update the window shades in their own home. There is often so much to choose from that it can be difficult to make a full decision quickly and efficiently. You may want a combination of techniques for your shades such as light filtering with creative elements such as sheer, color-coordinating, or roll-up style. In this sense, a shade can dictate the setting of a room and its purpose. It can also help define seating areas and styles by the light-filtering qualities contained in the fabric. There are many decisions to make when deciding on the best window shades of your choice..

M & R Fantasy Blinds showroom in Brooklyn, NY offers a variety of custom shades for your window treatment. These custom shades come in a variety of styles and textures, e.g.:

  • Roller shades allow you to roll the shade up tightly in one piece. Many matchstick and bamboo shades achieve this effect and offer a unique backdrop for the window.
  • Roman shades offer a dramatic rolling effect by stacking up evenly as it is rolled up. This is a popular option for larger windows as well as bay windows.
  • Pleated shades create a unique textured effect by stacking evenly on a smaller scale.
  • Cellular shades create an effect by allowing small slats to overlap as it is rolled up.
  • Woven wood shades can offer contrast and coordination with real wood slats and veneers.
  • Sheer Shades can offer a light, subtle light-filtering effect. This can allow sunlight to penetrate through the area thoroughly.

M & R Fantasy Blinds showroom is not limited to these offerings and can offer even more creative techniques for your home or business. We offer custom services such as installation and a free estimate. The large selection of shades can offer you a practically unlimited opportunity for decor and style. Visit the store and setup a free estimate to see how you can transform your home or business to your perfect style.

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