Window Blinds For Your Home

Window Blinds for your home provide protection from the damage of harsh sunlight and provide privacy when you want it. We offer a number of styles and designs suited to your home or apartment. We have vertical blinds with different colors and patterns designed to fit your home decor. Vertical blinds are popular in homes with picture and large windows. They are easy to open and close like horizontal blinds.

Horizontal blinds fit well in homes with smaller windows like capes and even larger. They often go well with drapes or can replace them still making the windows look attractive. There are many different types of blinds so choose the kind that best suits your needs. Fabric blinds are easy to install and come in many styles. These types of blinds often go well with curtains and come in many different colors, sizes, and styles to fit every window.

Wood window blinds work well in most homes. They are often custom made and easy to clean. Wood slat blinds are often made with the best wood like cherry, oak, or maple. Some blinds are faux wood so they would be less expensive than the real wood. We carry both so don’t be afraid to compare both before deciding. These quality blinds control light, reduce noise and make your home more peaceful than ever before. You will find that most come in different slat widths depending on what you are looking for. Faux wood blinds look real and are durable and easy to clean. They go well in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, rec room or laundry.

Vertical blinds often are perfect for patios and those large windows that no drapes will fit. They are easy to open and close letting in light smoothly and effortlessly. They come in a variety of material and colors for your decorating needs.

When you decide to get blinds visit M & R Fantasy Blinds showroom. Our staff will show you different types of blinds and help you select the best style for your home. Please visit our showroom to view our large selection of custom window blinds. Or we will be more than happy to come to your home to look at your windows, measure and discuss the best type of blinds for your home. We will custom design blinds to give your home a unique look.

Whether you are looking for a simple custom design for your home or more complex blinds M & R Fantasy Blinds can help you find the best kind of wood, vinyl, fabric, aluminum or composite blinds. Call today to schedule a free consultation: 1-888-834-7534.

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