Take a critical look at your current home. What do you like about it? What do you dislike? The fabrics? The colors?
Now that dreary winter days are behind you, you’ll want your home to feel as bright and cheery as the new stretch of sunny weather. Consider replacing some of the darker accents in your living areas with brighter colors. To ensure your home’s indoor air is as pure as can be, it will need a little extra cleaning. Use a vacuum with upholstery and crevice tools to get at those tiny corners under the seat cushions and remove excess dust and dander. For extra cleanliness – depending on the type of material – rugs and curtains can be washed and cleaned with soapy water. Some rugs may require professional cleaning services. Put away thick, heavy blankets you’ll no longer need, pack up any remaining holiday decorations and take advantage of spring’s most natural gift – a vase of beautiful fresh flowers. Keep in mind that if you love a piece of upholstered furniture but hate its fabric, it can be reupholstered. Wood pieces can be painted or stained. Objects can be repurposed.

To create the perfect look for your spring renovation no need to start from scratch, just arrange furniture, pick flooring and wall colors that fit your style. If you can’t afford to do it all at once, then you’ll be better off doing the renovation in phases. Complete one room before moving on to the next one, rather than doing a little bit in one room and a little bit in another. The living room is a good place to start, as it will leave you with something you can be proud of — a good launching point for the other work ahead.

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