Horizontal Blinds

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Horizontal and vertical blinds both provide great options for controlling the amount of light that enters a room, they complement a room seamlessly while reducing heat, glare and maintaining privacy. Horizontal blinds are excellent where privacy is of the utmost concern. We offer a wide variety of horizontal blinds for every room, aesthetically pleasing and functional, crafted from premium hardwoods, faux wood, polymers, aluminum and fabric in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. You can visit our showroom to see product samples and discover the available operating systems, design styles (such as horizontal blinds), and fabric options.

Horizontal blinds are generally preferred on tall, smaller and narrower windows that face to the north or the south. Combined with a set of good drapes, they do an excellent job in controlling high profile sun because the louvers cross-shade each other. The louvers can also be completely closed for room darkening, allowing the high degree of privacy. This is great for bedrooms and for large living room windows at night when interior lighting makes it easy to see what’s going on inside the house from the outside. Horizontal blinds also offer you an extra layer of insulation from the cold and superior resistance to excess sunlight that can fade carpets and furnishings.

Horizontal blinds require very little maintenance. Simply wipe off the blinds each week with a simple duster or gently vacuum the slats with the brush attachment. This maintenance ensures your horizontal blinds last a long time.

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