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Elegant. Energy efficient.

  Windows do more than jusl Is! in ligh‘ and ofiar a View. They‘re also where a home can lose up to 50% of its healing and cooling energy. With energveflicienl styles available in a range of insulation levels. our products let you create inviting environments regardless o! the season. Whether it‘s reducing heal loss in (he wintalor solar heat…

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Color. Pattern. Texture. Weave.

  At Fantasy Blind’s, beauty is more than skin deep, but first impressions matter. That’s why textile sourcing is a crucial part of our design process, and it’s why we’ve established relationships with some of the world’s best mills. We work with textile houses to develop and design exclusive materials that are as special as our technological innovations. That means…

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Enhancing light

    Natural light constantly changes throughout the day, as does what we expect from our windows.We want full sun one moment, low light the next: a clear view, then a discreet screen. Our sheets. shades, blinds and shutters help you fashion your perfect balance of Iight and privacy. Choose from our sheets and other select styles designed to diffuse…

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